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Candice Briggs Energy in Motion (23)

Rituals That Move Me From Rushed to Recharged!

Have you found that when you’re stressed and busy, the most simple self care steps seem to fall to the wayside, at the time we need them most?

We get all “rushy” with our busyness and the overwhelm of life, that things turn a little weird… as in our rituals, the very practices that keep us close to ourselves can start to lose their perceived value, and we end up telling ourself we are just too busy to fit them in..

We start to eat mindlessly whilst standing at the kitchen bench instead of sitting down to a lovingly prepared meal, yoga class gets ditched for wine o’clock, and our coffee intake doubles. We can even get so caught up doing life at a million miles per hour, that we lose perspective of all the goodness and support we have access to each and every day within ourselves, our home and our community.

Often our friends pick up on it before we do… ever been around someone who is so distracted by their own busyness that they are completely not present to you in your company? It’s not sexy at all!

These are just some of the ways we get caught when are stuck in rush mode!

Our bodies love routine! Not in a hyper vigilant rigid way… in a ritualistic, rhythmic, self loving kind of way.

Personally, committing to a handful of self care rituals every week supports me to move through, and past, stressful & trying times in a more calm and clear way. Because, when I look after myself, I look after others.

Here is my list: (it’s small, and simple!)

I swim in the ocean daily. I commit to two yoga classes each week. I strength train twice a week. I cook at least one batch of soup/slow cook to keep me going if I am too “busy” to cook. I also practice 15 minutes of meditation each evening before bed.

Just like everybody else, when I am all up in my stressed/busyness, prior to EVERY. ONE. OF. THESE. THINGS. the common theme is to tell myself I am too tired to follow through and show up for them, and that I deserve a break… but I recognise my “rushy” voice well now… she’s not on the side for my greatest good, she wants instant gratification and a quick feel better fix (which doesn’t last!).

So I allow myself the time to slow down and show up for each ritual, because I know how important these things are in those times, it’s truly when we need them the most.

They get me back to a slower version of myself – I like her, she’s super chilled and fun – she sees the goodness & humour in life, plus the impermanence of tricky situations.

She allows me to gain some perspective and separation from the pressures that cause the feeling of rushing through life, so I can make decisions from a more mindful, present, and loving place.

I surveyed one of my groups this afternoon about what they do daily to keep their batteries charged and feeling great, here is what ten women came back with:

– Making a big delicious smoothie for breakfast every morning
– Eating breakfast! (she used to be a serial breakfast skipper)
– 15 minutes of meditation, journaling and a walk
– Holding three stretches every morning before the kids get up
– Starting the day with a game of scrabble
– Spurilina with breakfast
– Sitting down to eat at every meal
– Reading a daily news/writing review via email
– Drinking 3 litres of water and reading a novel before bed
– Night time hot oil foot massage

What’s on your list? Do you stick to your feel good rituals no matter what? And if not, what story comes in and stops you from keeping consistent in your self care routine?

I’m curious to know.