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Candice Briggs Energy in Motion (33)

I’m Candice.

I’ve now spent the majority of my adult life working and growing within the health and fitness industry, helping clients to get ‘unstuck’ so they can move forwards and experience more freedom and ease in their body and life.

With a natural inclination towards the metaphysical world and spirituality over the span of my career, I’ve also had the honour of studying under some wonderful mentors in kinesiology and energetics, which has helped broaden my understanding of how both the physical and energetic systems function together, and how our emotional experiences show up somatically.

This learning has not on only created a depth in reverence for the intelligence that is our physical form, it has also been a key part in my own healing journey with CPTSD over the past decade.

I’m passionate about living in honour of our bodies’ own innate wisdom, and in helping guide others out of feeling stuck and unable to move forwards, towards self-empowerment and vitality through self-awareness and movement practices.

Some of the areas I explore include; changing state through movement, intuitive eating, moving emotions through physical form, nervous system regulation, structured living, self-esteem, fear of change, self-limiting behaviours, navigating an addicted world, slowness, self-compassion, as well as opening to joy and possibility, using nature as a tool for healing…

If you find yourself drawn to spending some time with me, I hope you find value and depth in all I have to share.

Welcome x

Candice Briggs Energy in Motion (12)
Candice Briggs Energy in Motion (16)


Written by Trudy Johnson, long term client of Candice’s.

As vibrant as Candice is on the outside, it’s the inside of this expert lifestyle coach that really shines through. Candice could well be the poster girl for Byron Bay, the sun-kissed locale where she lives and works… it is her mission in life to guide others toward the best possible version of themselves that really illuminates this petite, humble woman and makes her an outstanding trainer.

Straight-talking, committed and hard-working, most of her clients have been with her for years and it’s no surprise why. Driven by passion and purpose in her own life, Candice’s big-picture thinking is what attracts her clients and inspires them to give their best. For years, her Bootcamp clients at Byron Bay Bootcamp affectionately called her ‘the smiling assassin’ – with that sweet smile we know so well.

This results-driven coach is insightful, knows what makes clients tick, and will know just what your body needs, often before you do. Candice proudly takes people well beyond the “I can’t do it point”. Her passion for physical fitness is matched by deep empathy and care for others, as she herself understands what it means to navigate the path back to health. 



+ Cert III Fitness
+ Cert IV Fitness
+ Advanced Level Kettlebell Training
+ Advanced level THUMP Boxing Certified
+ Les Mills RPM Certified
+ Vipr Training Qualified 
+ Certificate in Motivational Techniques
+ Certificate in Myofascial Release
+ Advanced First Aid Trained
+ Pro Rehab Trainer Essentials
+ Pre & Postnatal Qualified
+ Kinergetics Kinesiology Certification
+ 3rd-year Graduate of Lynette Arkadie’s Energy Mentor Program



+ Three years Corporal Bootcamp Instructor for Byron Bay Bootcamp
+ VIP Wellness Center Manager, Splendour in The Grass
+ Trainer for Gaia Retreat & Spa, Australia’s leading Health Retreats
+ Featured in Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine
+ Corporate Trainer & Team Building Skills for North Byron Beach Resort
+ Fifteen years working & facilitating within the health & fitness industry