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Exploring “Healthy” in the Fast-Paced Modern World

What influences your feelings of health in today’s modern world?

We are living through an incredible time in the world, one of rapid growth, in both awareness and in technology. Life is busy, and it’s easy to get swept up in it all, so I feel it all the more important to remember that time is our most valuable commodity, and therefore it is of most importance to look at how we spend it – both mentally and physically, to see where we direct our energy and who we give our energy to.

When we actively navigate our time and energy, we are better able to be the Captain of our own ship, and thus, can steer it in the direction of being well. Here are some of the areas of well-being that I actively look at, and is just a snippet of what we will be exploring in my up and coming ten week physical and emotional health retreat and Program.

+ What you listen to – Your inner dialogue as well as your outer surroundings/peers… what are you believing to be true (what stories you buy in to daily?) How do you talk to yourself when you look in the mirror? Is it critical or loving? Who are you most influenced by?

+ What you watch – Do you watch tragedy and drama more often then informative, loving, and playful media? (i.e. movies, tv, magazines, newspapers) Does social media make you feel inspired or lonely and lower your self esteem? How much time does social media take up in your day?

+ Who you spend time with – What sort of tone do the people in your social circle use? Is it geared to the positive or the negative? Are they supportive and do they value honesty? What are your shared values and are they matching the kind of person you wish to evolve in to?

+ The quality of food you eat – Do you eat on the go, from packets? Or do you value buying local, in season produce and take the time to prepare and enjoy meals? What does food mean to you? What do you look for out of nutrition, do you think about it?

+ How often you move your body – How much time do you spend sitting down each day? How much time do you dedicate to fitness and movement? Do you value exercise? And do you value being skinny over being strong? Do you feel you get more love when you weigh a certain number? How were you taught you should look growing up?

+ How healthy your boundaries are – How good are you at saying no? Do you know when to rest? What do you need to feel safe in relationships/friendships? Do you trust other people? Do you listen to your intuition? How do you handle conflict and confrontation?

+ How much play time you allow yourself – Is the scale tipped too far to the side of work? Do you have a million and one excuses as to why you don’t have time to have fun? What does it take for you to relax? Do you carve out time to be in nature and to do the things you love, with the people you love?

+ How much intimacy you allow yourself – Do you feel close to others? How do you express yourself and show you care? How good are you at being on the receiving end? Are you a present lover? A reliable friend?

+ Your structural system – Do you see an Ostheo or have any regular body work/maintenance you commit to? Do you do yoga or stretch? Does your body feel in alignment or do you get around with aches and pains? How do you contribute to this?

+ How you’re sleeping – How good are you at keeping regular sleep wake patterns? What excuses do you make to stay up late? And to sleep in/hit snooze? How do you feel when you get up early? How does it change your day?

+ How you feel you fit in to the world – Do you feel accepted, loved and like you belong with those you share your life with? And on a grander scale? What does success mean to you? Can you be yourself or do you need to orchestrate yourself in order to fit in and be accepted?

+ Your capacity for silence/contemplation – How much time do you spend alone? How good are you at being in silence? When was the last time you drove in complete silence for a whole day? Switched off your phone to be present with loved ones? Do you ever just sit and be? How often do you avoid being alone?

These are all key contributors to what keeps me feeling most myself and in my best health!

How about you? What is currently adding to your health and what is taking from it in these busy times? I would love to know!

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