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My 30 minute sand ball work out! 

Today I thought I would share my favourite way to move with one of my favourite tools. No machines or fancy equipment, just a gal and a ball… 

Designed to increase your heart rate, build strength, stability and to shift stagnant energy! 🤸🏽‍♀️

Duration: 30mins
Reps: 12 ea (12 per side for lunges) 
Rounds: x 3

1. Ground to kneel + press
2. Burpee + press
3. Lateral lunge + press 
4. Lunge and cross reach 
5. Slams to plank

**don’t have access to a sand ball? you can easily switch out for a dumbbell, a 3-4kg bag of rice, a heavy text book, or a household brick…?!?! 

Give it a go and let me know how you go. 💫

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What would you do differently!? 💫 

When we disconnect from our body, when we treat our life, our self, and out physicality as if it doesn’t matter, as if it’s not important, threatening, or unworthy of being taken care of…when our actions reflect a sense of self avoidance…

Our body pays a price, and of course so does our psyche!

And if we were to imagine every single cell in our body, and we could see those cells changing with every physical action taken, every word word spoken, every thought had, every food substance eaten, every impression viewed… and we could see that it’s all relevant and all important…

Well, allot would would change…
Thankful to have found my way back upright after one of life’s little tumbles this week… 

It’s so appropriate in our humanness to cry it out, talk it out, rage it out, even numb it out (for a hot moment), but then we simply must pick our self up and find our way back… to get out of the collapse and into the coherent. x

What good timing for the pool to re-open… 
That black line never lets me down… ❣️
Earlier this year I was waking up feeling really flat. 
Not so much in my health, but in my emotional state. 
And not much was shifting it…

Starting work between 6:30-7am most days of the week I’ve always prioritized working out and other health practice, for the middle of the day: and it’s always worked. 

Until this year… starting the day flat is not fun! 

Is it the increased stimulation from devices and bad news, and (privileged) ‘choice overwhelm’? 

Or is it just that we have had a rough few years collectively and the generalized fatigue is contagious, making it harder to get our heads up and out of the fog and fear based thinking?

A bit of column A and column B I would say…

I’ve noticed it’s been harder to feel the emotional rewards from movement and effort, and to stay in a practice or process (without mentally jumping to the next thing). 

Particularly in this phase of my life were I have been experiencing allot of change and ‘unknown’ in my field…

So I stopped drinking coffee, and I started an early morning routine. Our body loves routine and rhythm…

I’ve personally found my sleep has improved, my calmness has come back, I’ve been more focused and motivated to do the effortful tasks throughout my day again.

It’s been a game changer.

How are your mornings starting atm?
How are your happiness and contentment levels going?

Remember sometimes when we are tired, when we feel overwhelmed, out of nowhere, with no explanation, when we are out doing life, it can simply be a collective feeling. 

But it is also our responsibility to tend to our individual self. To help shift the collective… x
This was winter…
Possibly my favourite to date.
Peace. Sunshine. Outdoor life. Doggos. Simplicity. Yum. 💫
The most simple and effective way to change my day… 👆🏽

Swimming in the ocean has always been the quickest way to change my mental state. It shifts the mud out of my mind, wakes up my body, increases my energy, and brings me back to the here and now when I’ve been too in my analytical mind. It also reminds me of the beauty of where I live, which helps to keep me in more appreciation. 🤙🏽 

And the best part? 

It’s completely free and accessible. It’s open all day. 
There is no pre requisite needed.
You come as you are, you leave anew.

‘You never regret a swim’ is always my motto.
I’ve been having these subtle panic moments lately, where I catch this hyper-vigilant part inside of me begin to scan for impending danger!! A response I can have to real, soul happiness, if I’m not careful….

Thankfully, I learnt allot about this when I was in mentorship with my beautiful teacher @myenergymentor 

Lynette used to remind me to look out for my ‘change back behaviors’ when life begins to pick up or when I’m in the midst of actioning powerful change…

We all have our own glass ceiling for how much happiness we allow ourself to feel, whether consciously or unconsciously, based on our life history and set point.

When this happens it can be like this safety break we put on for our self. A very smart protective mechanism to stop disappointment, shock, being cut down, things being too good to be true… etc. sometimes feeling good can feel uncomfortable, foreign even. 

I’m sure you’ve experienced a version of it in your life.

If we have had a lot of shock in our early years, this can be turned up fairly high. 

Some signs we may be ‘stopping our self’ can look like - ceasing our healthy habits, starting up old low self worth habits all of a sudden, we can start to over consume, swing out of balance, shut down, hide, start showing up late for important things, etc etc. the list goes on. 

So how do we hold ourself in our happiness?

Awareness is the key. We notice our patterns. When I feel really good, is there a subtle fear that bubbles up after? 

Then what happens?? How much goodness do I allow in?

When I go to break the good habits I have put in place, and start to rationalize not needing them any more, or a sudden invalidation of what we have known to be good for us and working… these are some potential red flags. Then we hold ourself through the temptation of shutting down.

Because as is the nature of life, less happy times arrive…

And my prayer is, that we all find the safety and the courage to fill lean in to our happy moments, so we don’t miss out on all the goodness that has to offer. x

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Candice acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which she works and lives, the Arakwal Peoples of the Bundjalung Nation.
She pays tribute to their Elders past, present & emerging, and extends that respect to all First Nations, Torres Strait Islander & Māori Peoples.

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Premium Fitness & Lifestyle

This is a premium personalised service for those of you who are looking for a major holistic transformation in your health, fitness, lifestyle and mindset.

Be aware – it is not just ‘drop in for a session’, it’s a membership to feeling your absolute best. With my guidance and support, it’s simple and sustainable – all you have to do is show up!

I hold all of my clients accountable and each week includes:

  • 2 x 60 minute personal training session p/wk with Candice

  • Mini weekly challenges – specific to getting you closer to your big goals

  • Holistic guidance to improve self esteem & your relationship to food

  • Unlimited online support + feedback + weekly food diary assessments

  • Initial consultation: We spend 90mins together to dig deep in to where you truly wish your health & fitness would be and the barriers that have been holding you back, followed by a fitness assessment to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
    Then we set the wheels in motion and move forward to get you the results you are after