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Five months into this weekend ritual and feeling every bit of the benefits that come from getting out of your comfort zone, starting the weekend healthy, early morning sandy feet, and bathing in the sweet sweet healing and restorative balm that is, the ocean. @odetteandco and I have been doubling up, having friends dip in and out, and I’m feeling double the joy! 🐠 

#fishytimes #oceanswimming #joy
In a world where we are constantly chasing the novel and the new, we can sometimes lose the beauty and the gifts that come with the familiar.

Just like a nostalgic meal can inspire love and joy, an old workout regime from way back can remind us of the power in simplicity of moving our body into stillness.

Of course there are physiological and neurological benefits of getting out and moving in new ways…

But also, when we move in familiar ways, in the ways our body knows and holds history with, whether it’s a gentle old fashioned stretch on the ground or taking a walk in our favourite forest, we have the chance to re-find ourself, through old re-connection points, and the sweet safety of the known… 

For me, this inspires my creativity and my ability to draw inspiration from within myself. 

Those dusty old stretches I’ve been doing on the floor on and off since I was a teen always bring me back to myself and remind me that I know the way through… 

That getting on the mat, no matter how simple it may be, is the most powerful portal back to myself. 

Today I found my writing voice again, in the shower, after a big stretch, in the quiet familiar nook of my cool cement floor, after another incredibly hot day. ♥️
We started Xmas day with the bay swim and it was magical, lovely, less scaredy cat vibes, and I have decided every Christmas should begin this way. 
Thanks to my fishy partner @odetteandco for always keeping it real with me out there! 💙🐠

Candice acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which she works and lives, the Arakwal Peoples of the Bundjalung Nation.
She pays tribute to their Elders past, present & emerging, and extends that respect to all First Nations, Torres Strait Islander & Māori Peoples.