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2023, The year I re-(L)earned myself.

With the full moon happening tomorrow, and a very sleepy system today, I decided to sit down with the new Dreamy Moons diary I gifted myself for Christmas, to reflect on all that has been, to give thanks and recognition for the many learnings that continue to present, and to look for the patterns, and evolution I often skim over as soon as we step into a new cycle. 

My new journal prompted me to write about all the significant moments in 2023 and I thought I would share it with you, in the hope that you may be inspired to do the same… because… it was profound what I found…

In the journal, Annie writes, ‘what did you learn? where have you been? who have you met? what were your favourite moments and what were the hardships?’

**something that helped allot in this process, was going to my images folder in my iphone, and searching ‘2023’ which gave me a visual of all the phases and time stamps of what actually happened in this whirl wind of a year…

Here were some of my reflections…

‘Words to describe 2023 – inward, healing, re-treat, re-evaluate, re-imagine, re-invent, and awaken true self trust & love.

Looking back at the first imagine of 2023, on January 1st – I had screen shot a movie recommendation from a friend called ‘Broken Heart Gallery.’ If ever there was a symbol that set up this year… 

To be honest, I began this year feeling broken and lost, and through quiet reflection and consistency within myself, I tended to my nervous system to heal some diagnosed adrenal fatigue, which also meant facing some hidden body imagine delusions I had been hiding behind. 

I took this as an opportunity to re-(l)earn myself!

I also decided to commit to helping Roo, my little doggo sidekick in life, through some reactivity and confidence issues, by taking her to obedience class every Sunday morning. Gaining new handling skills, saw me learning (through many tears which eventually lead to a quiet confidence) to speak up for myself (and Roo), and to let go of what other people think of me.. It’s funny the way lessons come to us!

In helping her overcome her fears, I overcame my very own! 

I let go of allot of people, or should I say, I let go of needing allot of people, and allowed people to fall away, without holding on, without making up a story about what it meant about me (usually how terrible a person I am)…

and instead, gave myself the permission to just. simply. let. go…

I spent time with my elderly neighbour, and worked through my relationship to change, dropping some baggage and self destructive thought patterns around my resistance to being told what to do by others… because, ironically, my default when I feel out to sea in life, is to go in search for answers outside of myself, and I am continually shown, that by and large, the outsourcing is the cause of my continual suffering and low self esteem (more on this another day). 

I listened to my bodies call for less toxic load – via alcohol, food, people, places and profiles, and put more focus on moving my body. I took up ocean swimming, another fear I have been able to reap the incredible benefits of working through, and I launched my first online program in almost ten years, which was brewing up inside of me and dying for a way to come through and express. Launching was terrifying, showing up, putting a new way of working on offer, feels very edgy for me, as apposed to clients finding me, as they so often have – but God/source has been nudging me and taking those opportunities away from me slowly so I grow…

The program was 21 days long, and I learned how much I have to offer, I learned how much I love showing up within a safe container I get to create, to share all I know and have to offer, and essentially I did just that, I grew – in confidence (and in tech capability) and feel so proud of myself for completing what I set out to do… 

– a true path to confidence and self trust. 

And to wrap it all up, on Christmas day, yesterday, I had a friendly little snake visitor enter my home, and though I was not brave enough to remove it myself (I did outsource this one) I managed to calmly, gather myself and get help, and even more miraculously, re enter my home, without the hyper vigilance of imagining another one hiding in the depths of some corner of my house. Tiny step for man, and a gargantuan step for snake-phobic Candice! 

I sense my slithering friend was a symbol of all the fear I have moved through this year. What a quiet, yet powerful year of transformation it has been for me… and as my life continues to show me, it’s in the small, quiet moments that we recognise just how very big the changes can be, accumulated one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, often only seen via a folder in your iphone called ‘2023’ which I am calling –

The year I faced FEAR!’

If you have come this far, thank you so much for reading through my review of this lap around the sun, may it inspire you to do the same. 

Sending love to you on this post indulgence day of rest… 

Love Candice
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